Compilation Of A Life Of Poetry Kindle Edition
by Cindy Pantoja (Author), Sean Hinckley (Editor)

My amiga, Cindy Pantoja, published "Recopilacón De Una Vida De Poema" in her original Spanish just this year (2017).

Very recently she asked me to help her edit her own English translation into what is now available as "Compilation Of A Life Of Poetry" the Kindle Edition.

"Compilation Of A Life Of Poetry is a collection of more than 35 unconventional poems that seek to revive the art of poetry. These verses relate the stages of a woman's life, starting with adolescence, when she discovers love for the first time, through adulthood when she experiences motherhood, the deception of her partner, and her own revenge after she was betrayed. This collection of poems sometimes takes the form of a protest, and it gives life to many topics such as love, family, and reconciliation."

You may order your own copy by visiting this link.